Essence Quickie 10: There is just one, alone the world is experienced.

The “you” talking to me, is “I” unfoldment. The dog barking, is “I” unfoldment.  The students drowned, is “I” unfoldment. The world news, is “I” unfoldment. In short, experiences unfolds the “me”. There is no “I” except experiences unfolding. In the unfoldment, the “I” arises.

Essence Quickie 9: My ability to control is but a perception

When I was a child, my crying will attract my parent’s attention and thus I interprete the experience as I am in control. When I grew older my shouting makes me think people are following my order.

In truth no one is controlled by any other except whatever ideas that are running in them. Instead of having the idea I am in control, the truth is I am being controlled by ideas.

Essence Quickie 8: An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.

The first thing that comes into existence is the mind. And the last thing that exit is the mind too. Without developing the mind, I am living a life of futility, no matter how much material wealth are gained.