Essence Quickie 9: My ability to control is but a perception

When I was a child, my crying will attract my parent’s attention and thus I interprete the experience as I am in control. When I grew older my shouting makes me think people are following my order.

In truth no one is controlled by any other except whatever ideas that are running in them. Instead of having the idea I am in control, the truth is I am being controlled by ideas.

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  1. Am I responsible for my “child upbringing”? What I meant was, at that age, I was only a child, not an adult. Isn’t crying to get attention is quite “natural” (nature) for a child? And this “nature” develops into “shouting” in adulthood?

    Which brings me to another question. Some babies/toddlers are without much fuss but some undoubtedly with very much fuss and deafening. When do babies learn to be like that? Nature?

  2. Is a child’s life a beginning of innocence, or a continuation from ignorance? That question was posed by my teacher. Do I see this life a transition, a continuation of a past or a beginning from ground zero? In my daily observation, I find that the mind chooses friends according to its liking and thus the circle of people around are those that keep its pattern intact – birds of the same feather flocks together. In a bigger picture the mind is conditioned to attract similar patterns of its liking and disliking, rather than it chooses consciously.

    Similarly, the mind is attracted to a certain conception conditioning for birth to take place. Hence the setting is of no coincidence as that is what the mind is being attracted to. Of course it is much more complicated than the simplistic few here but the gist of mind movement is such.

  3. means when i cry to get attention as a kid, i thought i had attention but reality is that is what the mind thinks, not really that i got the attention. is that true?

  4. Yes you got it right – it is just a thought, an idea the mind contorts and fabricates from perceptions of the past.

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