The World, an Illusion – Unveiling the Truth

In this very one-fathom-long body, along with its perceptions and thoughts, do I proclaim the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world, and the path leading to the cessation of the world.
– Buddha (Rohitassa Sutta)

Whoever has come to know the world has discovered the body, and whomever has discovered the body, of that one the world is not worthy.
– Yeshua

It is interesting to observe similarity with what the Buddha said and Christ (to bring both to the title status). When both names are mentioned, I am not speaking about religion, or personnel, but about how each and everyone of us has the potential of seeing what the masters are seeing. Neither is it about blind beliefs or gimmicks.

A question was posed by one of the Ascended Masters in the book Your Immortal Reality about whether the body is in the mind or the mind in the body. It kept me questioning. Let me share a strange happening I experienced, probably a year ago, when I went for a haircut at a saloon. While waiting for my turn, I was flipping through one of those fashion magazine and came across a fascinating photo of three artisites which I rarely see coming together – Rowena Cortes, Francis Yip and Anita Sarawak. I did not questioned why the mind was fascinated by the shot.

Imagine what happened that night. I was in a function together with them having a conversation! What a creation the mind can achieve. And of course in that situation, everything is as real as you are reading this. That makes me ponder – if the dream is real and I am not aware that it is a dream, what about I am here? Is it too a dream?

If you were to give yourself a little natural awareness in observing thought just immediately upon waking up and at the same time the mind wanting to goes back to sleep again – you will be shock to recognize that whatever thought you have at that moment of time prior to your going back to sleep, becomes a reality when you fall back to sleep again. When I say a reality, I mean that the whole thought is played out as a drama, so real that it is no longer a picture but a video instead with you in it! Should I call it is a real-time movie?

Welcome to the world – a real-time movie with you as a director, producer, cast, actors, actresses, audiences – everything is YOU! If Francis Yip, Rowena Cortes or Anita Sarawak, for that matter, could be conjured by the mind, what more in this real-time movie I called the “world” is conjured entirely by the mind? Is the world, a mind creation? You betcha! Quantum physic is already proving that.

It is bizarre to recognize that when I come to a clear realization of what I truly experience is a dream, whenever I am angry, I will remember that I am not angry with anyone else except myself. Whenever I felt betrayed, I am self-betraying yourself. Whenever I are unable to forgive “somebody outside” there, in truth I am not forgiving myself. I am just fooling myself all the time! More than that – there is no one for me to be attached to except my own illusion as thoughts and perceptions.

The world is me and I am the world. More correctly, when “I” exist, the “world” came into existence, with all its thoughts and perceptions. “I” need to be resolved and in that space peace is regained.

What that is looking for is what that looks. – St Francis of Asisi

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  1. can u pls share how u deal with guilt ? whenever i feel guilty of something. is it just a dream? how come it seems real to me? am i creating the guilt or it just comes and go?

  2. i read what u wrote again, what about letting go of something/person? is it because i am attached to myself which is why i cannot let go of that something/person? as it has nothing to do with that thing/person i am attached to, so the reason is within. so i am actually attached to myself?

  3. Guilt arise due to non-understanding. Shame and fear are different facade of guilt. Guilt is the present, shame in the past and fear in the future. If you think you have done something wrong, guilt arise. It brings shame to what you have done. The mind starts to plant fear of repeating it in the future. Many seekers see guilt as a correct direction to salvation. Any fear-based teaching has guilt hidden in it. It is also a powerful tool to control.
    Introduced this question to your mind: Can defilements/ego arrive you to Truth or rather understanding defilements/ego arrive you the Truth. Which is truer? Common sense, isn’t it? There is a saying in A Course of Miracle: forgiveness is only necessary due to the illusion of guilt. In other words forgiveness is an illusion, but a necessary illusion to lead you out from an existing illusion. For those personality who inclines towards the pathway of faith, it works!
    If you are a wisdom based personality, you take each guilt as a opportunity to probe deeper, as to allow understanding and freedom to arise. Understanding work hand in hand. When you understand a situation you are liberated from it. I use the word “understanding” and “wisdom” to mean the same except the degree.
    Let’s look at this thing call “wrong”. Is there such a thing as wrong action? Yes and no. Depending whether you are seeing it from the perspective of ego or spirit (ignorant or wisdom). If it is seen from the eyes of ego, the result will be judgment and condemnation, and it binds you deeper into bondage, into distress. From the eyes of wisdom, it sees opportunity to understand the cause of the guilt and the realization brings about freedom and love. Both have different end results. One has fear of repetition, the other has understanding of non-repeating, seeing it as unnecessary and non-beneficial. Thus wisdom see it as non-beneficial instead of wrong. So, in wisdom, “wrong action” is seen from the context of profitability to the peace of mind. It is not about the action per se, but the understanding arising from the action that necessitate one to take the right action. You can learn much from the danger of drunkard murderer than from a restrained person who doesn’t drink. I am not meaning that you need to do wrong (you can’t do wrong except your judgment about it) but to see the wrongness as an opportunity for understanding and wisdom to arise.

  4. You can’t let go of anything so long as there is no understanding of the situation. Instead of you letting go of it, it let go of you when you come into understanding of the situation. When I say understanding, I am not referring to the usual conceptual understanding of who is right and wrong, or good and bad. I am meaning to the realization of the underlying causes that creates your distress, your suffering. So you can’t “do” detach until you understand the illusion of attachment or the pain of attachment – either perspective is possible.

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