Essence Quickie 1: The world will never have peace until those who live in the world have inner peace.

For the world is me.

3 Replies to “Essence Quickie 1: The world will never have peace until those who live in the world have inner peace.”

  1. I think I represent many. While “I” am the director, the script writer, the actor etc, I dont seem to be in the real-time movie that “I” “want” to direct, to script-writing, to act in it etc. Most are insatiable when it comes to “wantings”.

    If at all there is a nice real time movie like meeting the celebrities, it seems it was not “consciously” conjured up before the event. It was more like “after-event” realisation.

    I dont seem to grab by the horn on what exactly is my question here, but, it seems that I am, like many, is the director, writer and actor who seems not to direct, write nor act. Stucked?

  2. I am been reminded by the statement made by my meditation teacher: When I want something I don’t get what I want. What I get is suffering.
    Imagine the world as a dream (which in truth is true if you realize it). When you are in the dream you can’t want or change anything simply because it is already an effect, a playout, a optical illusion. It is like a holographic field, the only different is that you can feel, touch, smell etc. As such when you “want” you will not get it, hence the suffering. That reminds me back of The Secret statement: You can have what you want. Byron Katie’s blog puts it the other way round: What you have you can want. I will put a fresh statement on this: What you have is what you have, irrelevant whether you want it or not. Will post an article on this soon.

  3. Thank you.

    I am trying to be at peace with idea that I exist “here”, but “there is nothing I can do or want because the moment I want to lift my finger, it will lead to sufferings since everything is already done-deal?”

    Am I nothing, at all?

    Sorry, I dont know how to put it this exactly as what I feel.

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