Essence Quickie 2: There are no answers except understanding.

Answer is just another thought.

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  1. Both question is valid, depending which perspective you are coming from. In Truth, understanding arise when there is sufficient data. The word data simply means raw – it has no meaning when data stands alone. When data is accumulative through observation, it becomes an information. Information then becomes a useful tool for understanding the nature of what you are observing. When understanding matures, it becomes a second nature to you. Understanding assist in unravelling the mystery of whatever area you are assigning. The same goes with Truth. You getter important data wisely that is geared towards Truth. Then it becomes your information how to apply. Each application brings about understanding. Understanding in turn becomes wisdom. When wisdom matures further it becomes your primary nature instead of secondary.

  2. Back to the “well digging” story again. When water is yet to be found after “sufficiently” digging a well (“sufficiently” means comparing to standard information via the data gathered, which says there should be ground water at this depth in this location), then the choices are:-

    1. Keep the focus to dig on and have faith
    2. Dig another well (again where and how deep will be compared to standard information from the data gathered)

    Choice #1 – seems to be against the information gathered and require preseverence

    Choice #2 – back to square one which may lead to same result or otherwise

    ** to gather information “wisely” is quite ???? (not likely) for one who is yet to attain “wisdom”

    ** to “mature” means nothing else could be done but just “wait”?
    Again, stuck?

  3. The spiritual journey is moving in opposition with the world. The mind, so deeply ingrained and conditioned by goal-getting mentality has in most situations ideas that are laced with “what’s in for me”. The statement “yet to be found” is already a subtle statement of “am I there yet?” – a wanting, albeit subtle. In truth you can’t get the journey wrong, except recognizing the wanting and not wanting intruding in the way. As such there is no reason to dig any other well as the problem lies not in the journey, but what’s in the journey. Experience is not as important as the attitude towards the experience. It is in the attitude is found the wanting and not wanting syndrome.
    Faith is important as it leads to perseverance. Faith must be supported by wisdom or else it becomes blind. Faith in yourself is key. When faith is right, perseverance too is right. Wise perseverance is not about putting in effort but rather it is about staying present to the process rather than targetting the goal.
    Another point to remember is that it takes many causes to arrive at an effect. As such it is not linear and unpredictable all the time as there are many conditioning and causes to it.

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