I don’t see what I thought I see

The world is a dream. And in the dream there is no way I can tweak, unless and until I recognizes it as a dream. Again, I may question whether in that moment of recognition, am I dreaming, or observing the dream? Both is possible.

To come to understand the above, lets look at the simile of a dream. There is a two “you” – the dreamer and the dreaming. There is a you who is dreaming and there is another you in the dream. Which is more real or true? The same too can be referred to our aware and unaware state. The unaware state is liken a dream. It is incorrect to say which is more real. Both are so-called real at its own level. The clearer you becomes the moment of unawareness seems unreal to you. Just like the dream. When you come out of it, the dream is unreal to you. It is in contrast the comparison arise.

To address this notion, it is important to know who is this “I”. From my own exploration, understanding and realization until this point of time, the “I” is a bundle of ideas. “The bundle of ideas” are the conditioning of the past. Whenever awareness and the acquired wisdom matures, coupled with observing mind, you will have directly experience to the nature of conditioning and its impersonality. You will “see” the an entire ideas, concepts and motivation around the conditioning. If you follow what I am sharing then it will be easy to see who is the “I” in the dream, except conditioning playing out itself. Just like when you are unaware, you are in the autopilot mode, run by conditioning. Even though if you are aware you will also observe the whole entire conditioning running without your ability to get out of it. Your ability to observe this is also a kind of conditioning – conditioned by wisdom. So in other words, when we are not conditioned by wisdom, we are by default, conditioned by ego. In fact the entire existence is conjured by the ego, lives by the ego, dies by the ego. Sporadically, wisdom comes into being, just as the Holy Spirit comes in as inspiration (in-spirit).

I can assume that the world of reality that is so, so real to me is a dream – a holographic dream. In science there is a light hologram. In the mind there is a hearing hologram, smelling hologram, touching hologram, seeing hologram and tasting hologram – each having its specific function. When they exist together, the hologram becomes tangible, becomes real, at least as what I thought.

Why do I say it is a hologram? Observe your seeing. What do you see? You may see lots of things but in reality you don’t see things, except conceptualization of something which you are seeing. What is that something? Colors. Every color has its own boundary and in that boundary a concept of form is created. Imagine all the colors you see has no boundary. Imagine too that if there is no color at all. Is there a form? This explanation is only one out of the five bodily senses. What about the mind – the greatest conjurer of all?

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  1. I will “wake up” from my dream state when:-

    – There is “someone / something” to wake me up
    – The so-called “biological clock” time is up for me to “naturally” wake up from sleep.

    In both cases it is not “me” who actually “decide” when to wake up, am I right here?

    Is there a way to “cause” me to wake up, other than the two ways above?

    If there is – how would I do something to “cause” the waking up when I am still in dreaming state?

  2. Your ability to phrase your question appropriate already expressed your level of wisdom – clarity is an important characteristic of wisdom. We have all different ideas of what Truth is. Our idea of what Truth is influence our direction. If I have an idea I am already saved, I may be complacent or simply having the faith that can be itself blind. If I have an idea Truth is some kind of a destination, I will keep looking out for it. If there is an idea there is no such a thing as Truth I wouldn’t even care or question what Life is. Ideas rule the world. Your questions expresses an idea of wisdom.

    Common sense is the most basic level of wisdom. Next is understanding. Understanding what? Understanding the nature of our mindbody processes – the correlation between the two. Understanding the working of the mind. How understanding comes about? From right view and with right view as your guide you observe what is occurring in your sense door (namely seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting and mind). Each observation, without any having any meaning of wanting anything brings about understanding into the nature of what you are observing. You begin to observe an intrinsic nature of order in the mindbody. The more you observe, the more you understand the conditionings that brought about your distress, your dis-ease, or suffering. Maturity of understanding brings about wisdom in choosing the direction of freedom. The path of freedom is a pathway of the graduation of Truth, of Enlightenment.

    It all start with the willingness to surrender, entering into the non-knowing and observe with inquisitiveness what is occurring in the mindbody processes. All this requires attentiveness, awareness and heedfulness. Add in an ingredient of acceptance and you will find the journey enriching.

  3. There are three pathways to Truth according to personality type – understanding, faith and effort. What I have just expressed are for those minds who incline towards the need of clarification, of understanding. To my observation, Christ way is towards faith based. Whatever pathways they are, the important ingredient is Right View – right in the sense that it is pointing towards freedom, towards emancipation. The ways are valid, provided it is back with right view. Right view of what? Right view into the mindbody processes. For me Your Immortal Reality is a classic explanation of Christ pathway. I am not referring to a specific religion but pathway of faith. Even in this pathway there is the culmination of wisdom due to right view as the base. In short, all liberation or salvation has wisdom as the criteria.

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