Ideas never left its Source

The radar of the ego is always outside. If I really want to come into Peace, I have to start turning the radar inside. If the projector is the cause and the projection is the effect, how could it be possible that the projector is the world and I am the projection? Am I seeing the world or the world is seeing me?

I am upset with you
How on earth can you make me upset if I don’t have a certain value imposed upon you? Whose problem?

I don’t like what you are doing
I am not ready to take on my irritation and you are the cause of it. Uh?

You betrayed me
I betrayed myself for not recognizing that trust cannot be given out, except to be earned.

You lied to me
My unmet expectation makes me think you are the cause. How ridiculous!

You don’t love me
I am disillusioned to think love can be acquired. What a fantasy!

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