Like the River Flow

The flow of the river is benevolent, finding its own pathways and levels wherever it arrives, irrespective of what obstacles or blocks that is in front of it. I like to imagine Nature as such. Nature is benevolent, balancing itself in ways I could imagined and whatever shortsightedness I have upon Nature is not what Nature is expressing ultimately. I have been shown again and again to trust and surrender to Nature, for Nature knows best.

If I am traveling on the river, I will be moving according to the way Nature flows and for that I don’t see the river as as a threat to my journey. But for a moment if I am adamant and wish to turn towards the opposite direction of the river flow, suddenly I am been given the impression that the river is moving against me. I will not be able to recognize that it was my own doing that go against Nature that brought about the meaning of Nature going against me. I am at fault with nature, so to speak.

Nature is what is. The same too with all the experiences that is flowing in my life – anything that comes to me through my five bodily senses – be it seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching – they are all Nature. When I don’t see experiences as Nature I am in fact going against what is – I desire other than what is, I resist other than what is; I desire for what is, I resist for what is – either one, I am against Nature. For Nature cannot be stopped, control or fixed according to my whim and fancy. I can actually do whatever I want, but it does change Nature at all. What changes is only my perception of Nature, not Nature itself. For that I am in error with Nature.

Imagine a scene of me requesting my wife for a comment of what I have just designed. The moment I seek for comment, I am already meaning that I need another person’s approval. Thus if the comment is not to my approval, I will see her as a threat against my needs. I don’t see her action as what is – that whatever she speaks, she is speaking from her own point of view and I can never know what it is. If her comment is supportive of my need for approval, I am also moving against Nature – as I perceived that Nature is flowing with me rather than I am flowing with Nature. Whichever way I come from an idea that is against Nature, I will be misinterpreting what Nature is offering me for my highest good.

Look at the mind as Nature too – I can’t know what mood it is offering me. Neither can I tell what feelings I am into the next moment except to welcome what is already here for me to experience at each moment. There is no way I can change the course of the mind as the mind too is Nature. If I am upset – the sooner I accept my upset, the faster I come into peace with myself. If I try to hide my upset, I will be creating a reservoir of flow which will be overwhelming in proportion in due time. If I indulge with upset by hitting out at others, I am forcing Nature to move at a certain direction, which is an impossible task. I thought I may have won the game of deception, but whom I deceived is only myself, except colored by my own perception. Again Nature is benevolent. It does not teach me a lesson by going against me except I will see my own folly in due time for what I have deceived myself.

If I truly wish Nature to teach me lessons, I just have to surrender and flow with it, which includes my mind and body too. Then can I truly experience what peace and freedom Nature can offer.

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  1. Go with the flow.

    Basically do nothing but allow the nature takes it place.

    Shall I have the trust and faith that the nature won’t lead to somewhere disastrous?

  2. Many years ago, an oracle cautioned me not to be startled by what she is going to reveal in a private session – that I was a murderer of a few million people in one life time (probably Hitler:). But the lesson she shared was this: you have to go deeply down to be raise to the highest, like a ball been thrown hard onto the floor will manage a higher height when it comes up. The lesson here is not about committing grievance hurt, but rather in that situation what do I learn from it. In truth there is no disastrous journey as every situation can be seen as opportunity for salvation. That reminds me of Byron Katie’s statement: Your will is God’s will – only that you are not aware of it now (something to that effect).

    Moving with the flow is not about doing nothing, but non-doing. It is about trusting each moment will finally arrive to its own destination. It is about surrendering the future and trusting what I am intending, is what I will get. I have no reason to anticipate the effect, as each effect is from the many causes that I am nurturing now – thus it is not linear, and cannot be perceived by the limiting capacity of the mind. So let Nature lead.

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