Special Relationship

Lately I observed a queer pattern going on in the mind – if I give specialness to something, making everything other than that as non-special, the result I get from that something will be a love-hate relationship. Why is it so? So I put on the wisdom telescope into the ocean of the mind and investigate and this is what I found…

Everything that comes to me is in 100% perfection – whether I call it a flaw or a misfit. What is, is what is. It is only when the mind complaints that I see the thing that is for me, as imperfect. The mind is rather unwise, not recognizing that what is, is what is. So there is an invisible boundary going on between the mind and the world – both are not in sync. I can’t make the world in sync with the mind, but whether I like it or not, the mind has to be in sync with the world – else what I get is stress and disease.

So what comes to me at each every moment, is what is. If I term sound as either noise or music, it does not make sound different. What is different is in my experience. What I perceive is exactly what I get. There is no other way than what is. Thus if I put meaning to the sound, which is not exactly as what nature is offering me, I will experience exactly what I put in – 100% to what I give into it.

Thus if I placed special relationship to a certain music, I will be annoyed when others do not jive with what I think it should be. Not just that, if the music is been remixed, I will be annoyed with it too. If I have a special relationship with a word, I will see others as an attack when they “misused my word”. If I have a special relationship with my spouse, I will see anyone that approaches her as a threat.  I too will see her as a threat if what I perceived in her is not exactly what she is going to express.

Whenever there is a love specialness in anything, there is sure to be hate specialness in it too. Thus my annoyance has nothing at all to do with the world. I created my meaning, and I have to experience what I have created. There is no other way than that. To keep seeing the world as wrong only compound my misery. The more I protect myself, the more I see the world as an enemy. I can keep on going attacking and defending, but it is a futile war – the war will only ends when I come to peace with what I have given out.

For that I call for mercy, not to an external force, but mercy in me for seeing things as they truly are.

What I give is exactly what I get in return – 100% all the time.

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  1. can you write about boy-girl relationship post? =) and What I give is exactly what I get in return – 100% all the time… is that true? sometimes i felt otherwise… eg; i love that person, that person does not love me back for sure.

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