Birds of the same Feather

Could you observe the mind is attracted to a certain conditioning – be it relationships, food, habits, friends, etc? The mind, a bundle of ideas, a permutation of potentialities, attracts similar kind of conditioning of patterns, behaviors, personality –  whenever and whatever conditioning it takes on at that period of time.

Like a magnet, it either attracts or repels whatever that enters into its sphere. Likewise, the people I meet which I like and dislike, is a indication of what ideas I am having at that moment of time. No one comes into my life coincidentally. My field of conditioning attracts me to the experience. Like a magnet, anything around that is not magnetic will pass undetected – I have uncountable experiences each moment but only few that attracts “my kind” of conditioning brings about “my” experience – do I truly have a choice or was the experience been chosen by conditioning?

Observe intensely each passing moment and I will be amazed by the course of action the mind takes. Observe the style of bathing. Observe the style of wiping the body. Just watch. Everything is automated. Everything that I do, from the minutest to the obvious, are set conditioning of the mind. So long as I am not aware, there is practically no choice in it. I am a servant to the mind, so to speak.

Could I be right to say I am  unconsciously attracted to a certain scene of events, without my knowledge as Nature’s pull of conditioning is taking its own effect? Am I attracted to a certain type of family? Is a child born innocent or simply a continuation of ignorance? Does a child habit your making? Do I blame my parents for who I am?

Does teachers come to me or am I attracted to them by my own conditioning – such that either I am pulled towards their direction or they are attracted towards my direction? Observe the flow – there is a certain pattern underlying these movements. I will call the movement the movement of Tao – of ying and yang.

The attraction of sexes is the same – the yang attracts the ying and the ying with the yang. The yang repels the yang and the ying repels the ying. They are the natural interplay of feminine and masculine energy. Do I really have a choice in my decision? I totally doubt so. Even if I have a choice in making, I observe the choice is incline towards a certain conditioning. There is no truth in freewill except conditioned freewill.

In the stillness of the heart, the movement of this conditioning is obvious – matching itself every space and time – flowing in unison and in sync. There is no one moment where there is a coincident. Neither is there a freak situation. All is perfectly at its own space, performing its conditioning without the “me” needed to be around. This is Nature…

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