What I give is exactly what I get in return, 100% all the time

Each moment I give, I am giving my best, irrelevant what afterthought I would have about it. I may be consciously giving myself half-heartedly, say dishwashing – I want to quickly complete it without giving much attention to it – that giving is what I am offering at that point of time – that is my very best I could ever afford, and thus is my 100% of that moment – can’t be more, can’t be less.

If that is what I have given my best, and found later that the plates are not properly washed, the experience I got is 100% too. On the other hand, if I find the plates are properly washed, though I am half-hearted, that too is a 100%.  No less, no more – exactly as it is, until the insane mind thinks it should be otherwise – as if time can be reworked. What has what I found got anything to do with my best? I give my best, the world give its best, perfectly at each moment. So I can’t get it wrong at all, all the time. I get it wrong when I insanely think that the world should return exactly what I give. If I can’t be fully sure of my action, except a random choice, how can I be 100% sure of what is been returned?

With the limiting condition I am having at each moment, I can’t be doing anything better than what I am already doing, thus that is my best. If I am giving my best to a relationship, and found out later that the other party is not giving his or her best – how can I say I am reaping 100% result, you may asked. Yes I am, just that I am not wanting to see it that way – I want more than 100%. If I am expecting something from my relationship, which is fine – a 100% expectation – the result I get will be 100% disaster – if my expectation is not met. If my expectation is half met, that is because I have half expectation, if there is such a thing – that too is fine, as that is my best. I can’t dictate what is out there, but I can dictate what is in here. In truth, I can’t dictate at all except to get exactly what I am.

I get 100% all the time. You get 100% all the time. We have never met, though we think we met physically. I have never got connected, except myself, which I am not aware. When I truly realized and understand that what I connect is, but myself, then only the world starts to get connected with me. Before that I am only imagining.

So I could not get it wrong, until the insane mind thinks that the other person should exactly return the same as what I am giving. It is like saying, I am calling out for attention to the whole entire world and to expect the whole entire world would to respond exactly to my calling. Fat hopes!

What I want is not what I am going to get – I can’t get what I am imagining to be. What I want is what I get – I get a perfect 100% imagination. Whatever I generate is what I am experiencing and has nothing to do with what I want the world to offer me – it is just a wishful thinking. The effect has none of my business except what I am causing.

Thus, the world has nothing to do with me and yet has everything to do with me. What the world is coming for me (not what the world is offering me) is none of my business. My business is how I am going to respond to it when it comes.

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