Missing the Forest for the Trees

Because of looking, seeing is unnoticed.
Because of things, space is unseen.
Because of listening, hearing is unknown.
Because of sound, silence is unheard.

Because of focus, openness is lost
Because of doing, being is missed
Because of control, surrender is unrealized
Because of  heedlessness, reality is hidden.

Because of form, essense is overlooked.
Because of ignorance, wisdom is unfound.
Because of falseness, truth is unrevealed.
Because of conditioned, unconditioned is unrealized.

When pettiness is given up, spaciousness comes into being.
When craving is surrendered, freedom is found.
When one is lost, oneness is achieved.
When cycle is ended, Is is.

3 Replies to “Missing the Forest for the Trees”

  1. Until then…….

    For now it seems that the task on the shoulder is to recognise or to be able to differentiate between looking & seeing, between things and space, listening & hearing, sound & silence and so on….

    Until the task is done by non-doing (?) but rather by “being” (?), dream on….

    Dream on till waking up… until then..

  2. The first 3 paragraphs precisely describes of how it is when we live and get caught up with the drama of our illusion. But how can anyone avoid this for this is exactly how each one of us are being taught to understand life from a child, parents with their do’s and don’ts, religious teachers that emphasizes on commandments and teachings of rights and wrongs, therein begins the birth to judgments and comparisons, e.g. I am better than you because I am not doing the wrongs that you are doing…. I pray everyday therefore I am good and you are where you are because you don’t pray…My children are better off than yours because I am a much responsible parent in comparative to you.

    However, the beauty of this creative illusion is, it will somehow lead and bring everyone to the space to learn and understand the wisdom of truth. No matter who you think you are or what you think you are, at the end of the day, we are all of the same essence and there is only one access door to freedom…which is the truth that sets you free!

  3. The journey can be funny and yet despairing. Whichever I experience is where wisdom and delusion lies. To be heedful of these two is godliness in action.

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