What a Ridiculous Ride

There is something weird and ridiculous going on in the mind that I am experiencing. And it is something absurd that needs wisdom to recognize. Any mundane way of perceiving only create confusion, and probably, protest.  As such I would invite you to have an open mind to what is being shared.

Allow me to lead you on so as to get a clear glimpse of this reality. The world as I experienced is not truly reflecting the world that is within me. The freewill I experienced is not as free as I thought. Whatever choice I made out of freewill is not a choice but rather conditioned by my past ideas – for that I truly does not have a choice except under the influenced of my past perception.

As I invite myself to observe the mind, I come to realize that there is not even one thing that I can say is mine – for everything is coming and going at its own accord. Like nature, everything flows on, irrelevant whether I hold on to it or not. There are two realities going on at each moment.  One is the definition I am giving, the other is what is. Irrelevant what I defined, the world is is. My definition is my reality but this reality is far from truth. This reality is inconsistent to what is.

The watch on my hand belongs to me – the “belongs to me” is only occurring in the mind. This idea never left the mind and it never will. The watch will remain a watch without an owner except my definition I put upon it. Whatever meaning I put upon it becomes my inner reality but that does not at all change anything out there.

If one day I am being mucked and the watch has to go, the watch does not “go” except being transferred to another person. My meaning “the watch is mine” makes me felt it has left me. In the first place the watch has never left me or belongs to me. Since I have the idea it “belongs to me”, I could not help having another idea it has “left” me.

Because I did not see this truth, the storyline of ignorance have to be prolonged – I have the meaning that the person stole my watch. Even though it is no longer with me, I am still having the thought that it is mine. “It is mine” is only my own thought – irrelevant the watch is here or there or anywhere. “It is mine” is my cause of misery, not what has happened. My experience is not dependent on what happened but rather how I perceived. My perception creates my feeling – not the situation, event or anyone else for that matter.

I played with my own toys and made those toys real to me, and for that I got threatened by my own reality, a fabrication of an illusion.

What about my child, my house, my money, my company, my property, my body? Every meaning of “my” attached to what is is creating my own storyline of nightmares.

It is because of the “my” meaning attached to things, wise teachers of the past encourage us to give as an act of generosity. I can only give things that “belong to me”. The act giving is just an act to nullified my meaning of possession, for if there is no true possession how can there be also a true meaning of giving. If possession is an illusion of the mind, surely giving is also an illusion. But since I can’t see possession as an illusion I have to let go of my possession through giving.

Isn’t that weird and ridiculous? What is existence but an absurd meaningless endeavor. To go beyond mind is Peace.

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  1. is there a way to develop a right understanding towards ‘my…. and mine’? and can we give possesions like ‘daugther, mother’ since i claimed my mother , my sister, they seems like mine but in reality not really, so how do i address them? name? or the mother and the sister?

  2. Our attitude is more important than what we do. The Buddha himself also uses conventional term to address himself but his attitude is what makes him different. He don’t see “personality” or rather identified with himself.

  3. First observe how many “I” u refer in your conversation a day. And as you do that, observe the meaning behind the “I” – what interpretation do you have in that meaning. Your job is just to observe, to gather data on what the mind is coming up with.

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