I Found Myself in Me

Hearing tries telling Seeing what hearing is all about
And Seeing tries telling what seeing is all about
Both tried understanding each other
And both tried experiencing each other
Except nothing closer to what it is.

As Seeing’s job will forever be seeing
And Hearing’s job will forever be hearing
Both are like water and oil
Trying their best to convey what it is like to be what they are.

We are two humans trying to convey what is in our minds
What I conveyed may not fully reflect what is in my mind
And what you understood may not fully reflect what I am conveying
For both of us have never communicated
Except our very own intimate interpretations of what we heard.

How would I then expect to comprehend what the Masters have said?
How would I know what I read is exactly what it is?
There is no way, no possibility to know
Except to take their words as a compass to my own journey.

I would never know
whether I am following the compass correctly
Or what lies ahead of me
But one thing I can be sure
That if each application brings me to joyful peace
And freer mind
I can be sure I am threading the right direction
That is all I can know

How would I know whether I am “there”?
Except to know that
When I am “there” I will know.
I can’t lie to  myself
Except to
think I can lie to myself.

And thus our journey evolves around trials and errors
And until we finally meet
Fully comprehending each other
Our pathways are forever changing and refining

Unless we held on fully to what we think is right
Awaiting “something” or “somewhere” to arrive
Even then, our time will come
For us to review
Our folly
Our ignorance of holding on

I wish you well
That someday the Truth will dawn upon you
That every error you have made
And every trial you have gone through
Is the culmination of the journey
For there is no mistake or failure
Except experiences that enrich your journey.

There is no your Truth or my Truth
For when we both finally arrived at
the Truth
You would have fully understood me
Just as I would have understood you
Not to mention understanding ourselves.

For that there is no reason or meaning
For doubt to arise
Or argument to ensue
As the journey is truly oneself.

To each its very own.

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