A Paradigm Shift of Perspective

The journey to Truth is not easy, not because the path is laden with difficulties or because it is only for the chosen few, but because our commitment to truth is not coming from the space of full integrity. We prefer to have the fish rather than to learn to fish. We prefer to move from a smaller prison into a bigger prison rather than having the wish of getting out entirely from the prison wall. We are not interested in knowing the cause and effect of our problems but rather wanting the desire to fix the problems. To work on the effect is to see the effect replaying again and again until we see the cause of our problem.

We are trapped and fed by the conditioning of our patterns. To move out from that trap needs a paradigm shift of perception, of a new way of seeing things. If we have been doing something the same way again and again and expect to experience a different result, it is tantamount to insanity.

To see the end of our problem is to see the cause of the problem. To keep fixing the problem or the effect is to keep the problem contained. Each time we give meaning to the problem we are making the problem real. Whenever we pay attention to the problem we are giving reality to the problem. Anything in life that we give meaning to, become our reality. It is a vicious cycle replaying itself again and again and there is no end to it. To recognize this pattern and to consider seeing it differently is the beginning step of moving out from the addictive cycle.

When we give meaning to the movie, we see the realness of the movie. If we give meaning to the actors we see realness in the people. When we give attention to the acting we see realness in the actions. When we give attention to realizing it is just a movie, an illusion, we see reality in that. Everything we focus on becomes our reality.  In the same way we can look at each issue in different perspectives. Each perspective gives its own reality. If we wish to come into the space of peace and freedom we have to consciously choose perspective that assists us in that direction. We have to acquire skills that lead us to it.

It takes wisdom to look at things differently. We may acquire new skills but if we do not have a new attitude towards the skill, we will be using the skill with our old habit, making no improvement from the previous. Yes, there is something new from acquiring new skills but yet there is nothing new in being. It is exactly like moving from a small prison to a bigger prison – still trapped in our old conditioning though we think we are able to move around a little bit more. We may have more money than before but that does not make us any different. We may be richer but that does not make us any wiser. There is nothing wrong to be rich if we wish to play the game of the world. But for those who wish to transcend their mind, then to recognize the nature of the mind in the midst of their richness is to bring spirituality into their day to day living.

Thus there is nothing wrong with poverty, rich, sick, good health, man, woman, anything you name it – but there is something wrong with the way we view the world – that is the source of our joy, freedom and peace.

Many are moving along this shore, few have gone over to the other side.

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