Essential Note to Myself (4)

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  1. The egoic resistance is causing the meaning of pain. It is unavoidable as the mind itself is egoic by nature. But when you come to the presence of wise awareness, you can catch a glimpse of the ego reacting instead of the “you” – the reaction translate into the meaning of pain. In that space of wise awareness, there is only response to what the ego is reacting.

    Not an overnight discovery but possible to see this truth. Work on small discomfort first, like itchiness. Learn to watch impartially when itchiness arise – then you see the web of meaning the ego gives to it.

  2. On another note, consider the psychic surgeon who cut an incision on my body – a length of half a foot. There is no unbearable pain tho there is no anesthetic. What happened to the pain? Our subconscious is something beyond our comprehension. We create our reality, that we can be sure.

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