Everything has Lesson for Peace

The www, in short for world wide web, is literally, non existence, though it seems virtually real. It is not something tangible I can touch or feel except what I can visually comprehend on my laptop or pc monitor. Every information that I upload into the web comes from my thoughts and perceptions, a gathered data, translated into something visual, just like this entry. Feelings play a role as my mood determines my writing and in return influences the readers. Everything that I download becomes mere information for me to apply or understand and that influences my day. Do you get what I mean? Everything that comes from me has an effect on the world, whether I am receiving or giving from my end.

If I were to dissect the computer into parts, I could not find any data in it except a few pieces of chips and metal and plastic stuffs put together. It is just an empty shell, a scrap that holds no importance until I switch it on. And just a few days ago, this blog has been hacked, and it took quite awhile and hassle getting my good old friends to keep it running again. I appreciate the knowledge and understanding that comes from the process, how each and every one of us learnt something from it. In this virtual reality of the world wide web, other than the overwhelming knowledge that can be gathered from it, there is also such a thing as virus or spies that roam the system, destroying things along its way.

And what’s the difference with the mind then? When the body is being opened, brain being dissected, there is no mind found in it. There is no you or me in it. The body, like the hardware part of the computer, does not literally kept any tangible data in it, except a virtual unseen information “stored” in it. Can we say the data is in the computer? Well, the answer is a yes and no. Without the computer, the data cannot be retrieved. But yet it is not exactly something that can be touched or felt. Is the mind in the body then? A similar yes and no too.

On another level of reality, the body is also in the mind. But that is not the angle I am approaching from. For now I am experiencing what the old adage has to say, what is above so is below, what is within so is without. The world wide web is exactly what the mind is, probably a subset of it. Even the hacker, that ultimately led to my blog being shut down, is a direct reflection of the ego’s pattern that is lingering in the mind, finding ways to imitate and destroy what is pure within.

I can’t put a blame on what the hacker has done except to constantly come back to myself and look what is within me that I am not coming into peace with, from this event. The pain, the hurt, the blame, the guilt, the fear – everything comes into my embrace, taking each one as it comes through my thought, as a reference point for my own healing of peace. It is a very radical approach that is in total conflict with the egoistic nature of the world where the attention is always outwards. There are times the mind just wishes to roll back to its old pattern, and sometime it does, but each moment of remembrance is a moment of forgiveness.

Only in this space can true creation comes into my fold, only when what need to be fought are brought into peace, unconditionally. And true enough, after a three day of internal and external processes of conflict, love and forgiveness, the blog rolls itself out again. My gratitude to Sian Sit, Dr Ong, Chow and Mylini for offering me sane advices J, not forgetting the space given by Lai Fun, my wife, for me to be in my own presence.

Somehow, the break necessitate a connection with my inner beloved, where a deeper presence was made with my unseen guide. I am profoundly indebted for this invaluable lesson. Peace be unto you, the reader.

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