I am Your Devil Advocate, Your Angel

I entice you
luring you into my den
you feel helpless
troubled and restless.

One part of you quivers
ready to go wild for it
and yet another voice whispers
biding you to be cautious.

I am your devil advocate
a mirror of you
reflecting your past
of choices you err
only now another chance given, to choose again.

And here you are in dilemma
once more
of the direction you are called to take
of desire
and another of fear.

To give up one
is to give another to grow
for both are inseparable.

Do you not see
both fear and desire
are merely shadows
coined by you in ancient time
made to believe they are real.

To choose either one
is to make the unreal real
for both have their own stories retold
many a times
of betrayal, hurt, disapproval and loneliness.
For there are no relationship
except relationship with oneself

To give up both
is to restore what you have lost
found hidden in both.

Oh dear one,
if only you could see
I am merely a devil advocate
reflecting what you have err.

For when you wake up from your dream
you find an angel instead
of misperception you have surrendered.

Welcome me
for I am your lover
and your worst enemy
showing you what is in you.
I can’t hurt you except what you see in me.

For I am merely
a mirror
here for you
to return to the Beloved.

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