The World Begins with Views & End by Views

The world begins with views and ends by views. A more precise statement will be that because of views, the world comes into existence. And for the world to cease altogether, it will also have to be because of views – but views that lead to the end of it rather than furthering its existence.

I have of late found a new understanding pertaining to the nature of the mind. I came to realize how views or ideas make me able to do certain things whereas at other times another idea has the capacity of making me disabled in doing other things. In common language usage I would have said I can’t do this or I can do this but in reality there is no “I” having a role in it. It is not my choice. It is rather the ideas leading the way.

I came to realize that when a person has a higher threshold of pain than another, it is not because of the person’s skill or ability to bear it but rather it is the idea that he is having that makes him able or not able to do so. And when I use the word idea or view, I am to mean everything that involves my perception. And since perception is universal; to mean, occurring all the time without interval; then it is also made to mean that at any one moment of time, ideas are running me. I can’t escape from ideas; I am run by ideas, instead of me running those ideas.

Hence every action that arises is merely effect of a certain idea. Ideas set the nature of the action. It can be one idea or a combination of a few ideas regardless. If only I am able to clearly see this truth in each and every person, I can never be upset for what they have done as I would have realized that what they did were merely unconscious results of the ideas generating in their system that they are made to act. It is like puppet being pulled by the strings – the movement is not made by the puppet but the one who moves the strings; in this case, ideas. Hence ignorance of ideas is a major cause of our distress.

If I am aware of a limiting idea and were to introduce an opposite to it, I will be free but yet that freedom is not a true freedom as it is just another idea that seemingly erased what is already there – moving from a smaller box to another one which seems bigger. A good example is the placebo effect. True freedom is when one sees the illusion of ideas and transcends it. To transcend is to mean non-interference except having pure awareness of observation where wisdom arise naturally into fold by itself. I can’t dictate when wisdom will arise except to allow the state of non-doing to take place. Only when wisdom arises will a new incepted idea come into space, having wisdom as its root. Otherwise all other ideas have delusion as its base. In this aspect, I will see right view or right idea as having wisdom as its root and wrong idea, ignorance.

Wrong idea will incur further wrong idea whereas right idea (those with wisdom as its root) nullifies it. When right idea is introduced into the mind, it becomes a little program that brings about more right ideas that finally brings light at the end of the tunnel. It is one right direction of little freedom towards True freedom. It is because of not having right idea that clinging comes into being.

Desire or aversion; in short, clinging; can only arise from wrong view or wrong idea. Where there is right idea there is no reason for clinging to exist as the idea is leading towards freedom, not attachment. Hence to see attachment as wrong is missing the mark as what is causing it is idea itself. For instance, when we say we are attached to our item we are to mean we are having an idea that the thing can be held on to. In other words, the attachment is a derivative of wrong idea and that causes us to be attached to the idea we have of the item rather than the item itself. The item can never be attached too except in our mind – ideas. We have never touched the world except engage in our own game in the mind.

Though the house, car, money or relationship belongs to me, the belonging is occurring all the time in the mind, not out there. They merely exist as ideas. What is intangible – the mind – can never meet the tangible – the materials. Solve the mind, the world is solved. There is no necessity to give up the world out there, except the world that is within – wrong ideas.

The world out there can be a market place for unlimited inceptions of ideas into our mind. And the only safeguard I really need is wisdom itself. Without which, there is no possible way that I can come out clean from wrong ideas except deepening its grip. Understanding this is peace, is true freedom.

3 Replies to “The World Begins with Views & End by Views”

  1. your writings are amazing… i really like how deep and real they are. i always check your page and without a doubt there is always something good to read. In this post… you are talking about how we need to produce positive ideas and thoughts and ignore the complicated and detrimental voices in our heads?

  2. Not exactly about being positive but rather training oneself to see what is false and behind it, truth reveals. And to see what is false needs much integrity and honesty. Truth never left except false masking it.

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