Back into Nature

Come back to nature
when the heart is weary
when pain is not resolved
when solution seems unseen

Come back to nature
when expectation is unmet
when need is unfulfilled
and desire seems to pound

Come back to who we are
come back to what is
come back to any experiences
that we had projected outwardly

For everything is nature
unfolding itself
exactly as it is
of conditions met
having results as its end

How then can I say I want it another way?
how can there be a should
when conditions are not met
that resulted other than what I want.

I missed the mark when I react to result
forgetting that it is the cause that make it so
for cause and effect, a set of completion
is nature taking its own course.

Hence to come to my own peace
let me be wise to observe its correlations
and to work on its cause
so that its effect is what I am
and not the other way round.

In that process
I am nature
working with nature
undoing the world
making peace and freedom as my objective.

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