Simply Inadequate in Expression

Our experiences are unique, due to the perception we have upon it. And our perception has much to do with the way our ideas look at it. It cannot be said as right or wrong as it has no such meaning except how we define it aftersight. Whichever way we see it we can never get out of the way we already see unless and until we are given that space to look at it differently again. And that cannot be my business as I cannot choose to see it otherwise until wisdom comes into picture. Until then I am contented with the way I look at it, except with deeper inquiry to each time when I am seeing it in the already way. I can post myself questions like – is there another way of looking at it? It is through questioning, insight comes into picture allowing the mind to get out of the already way of looking at things.

Similarly the words I use may differ from the words you use to convey a message. My perception of how I understand those words differs from the way you were taught.  Until I see this truth I will not understand why such words are used by you upon me or me upon you. I am living in my own bubble, in my own meaning and each meaning dictates the way I perceive the world. If my love has deep meaning of betrayal in it, as from a past experience of hurt, when you express ‘I love you’ to me, I’d distrust your statement as I don’t see love at all except betrayal. And your meaning of hate and my meaning of hate differs too. And that includes, the meaning of money, integrity, responsibility, and dare I say, every word in the dictionary.

We can only come close to understand words similarly but not the same. The only closest to heart I can give on sameness is when someone expresses what is in his or her heart and I just simply know what they are trying to mean though the words they speak may differ. And I can’t get this effect if I was listening to them from the head level, or rather from my intellectualization of what they are trying to say.

Words are limiting and language a barrier to deep communication. Yet without conversation, nothing can be conveyed unless every one of us works on telepathic transmission. Until then we can merely be contented with words as a mean of communication.

I can’t help but to wonder how words influence everyone, though by itself it has no meaning except what we are trying to convey in essence. I can be motivated by wisdom or ignorance and the words I use can surely be felt by you, at your deepest level. But yet words itself can be detrimental, for instance the meaning of “race”. We use race to denote different grouping of people and yet it is the word that is the cause of our humanity worries – to race is to mean compete and that is what we as each race is doing, competing unhealthily  amongst each other, seeing wrongness more than goodness as a human.

How best can we communicate? No wisdom, no talk.

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  1. Have been playing with beach stones today, had collected a large bucketful out at the lake, and had let them dry. Some of them I placed in a bottle with a small opening, so only some fit in, less than dime size, then placed some water inside to bring out the hues in the different stones, some black, red, white, gray, mixed, all mixed together. Then I singled out some stones, running in size range from the smallest I could see and pick up, to full hand-sized ones, and arranged them on the windowsill, from smallest to largest, but none are the best, just smallest and largest, as when I look up at the sky and see into the heavens at night… sun, moon, stars, during the day… birds, bugs, trees, me and you. : ) For no better or worse.

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