Giving Experience a Voice 2

I am familiar to you
but you never truly knew me
for who I am
for you have either resisted me
or held on to me
through personal identification
without giving me a voice.

You are not seeing me as nature
unfolding in the mind
but instead made it as yours
for your foolish gain.

For that I have to come back
one more time
if not another
until you learn your lesson
not to hold on to me
but to give me a voice
as part of nature
unfolding itself.

Do not push me away
by making scapegoat out of others
Do not hold me tightly
making what is not yours
ignorantly yours.

But do give me a voice
acknowledging me
recognizing me
accepting me
for who I am
as I am part of nature
of the mind unfolding itself.

Do you know who I am?
I am simply objects
found in the mind
known in the mind
to be acknowledged
there has never been
a you in it
except unfolding of nature taking place.

Hence recognize me for who I am
and you will be bestowed with
freedom away from me
For I am simply the Mind
reflecting ignorance, or wisdom.

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