A Dream Unaware

You came
but I was away
ignoring your presence.

I came
but you were not around
missing your presence.

We kept missing each other
not meeting
thus never getting to know you better.

There are times you were around
I know
but I kept missing you
for I was not honest
missing the obvious.

Being untrue
out of fear
I hide from you and lament
that you are the reason for my block
in finding the truth.

I did not see
I played that game
my very own game
of hide and seek
hiding myself
and not finding myself
for I seek not my folly
but instead pursued aimlessly
forgotten what I have hidden.

Until I wake from this delusion
a child play
I continue to grief
why unfairness gets me
not seeing how I set
the trap myself
and snared myself to it.

Ridiculous! Ridiculous!
How can that be?
I lament.

Go to the beginning
I am told, wisely;

of each end
and I will find my beginning there.

For at the beginning I will find my end
and each end, my story untold.

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