Nature Showing its Might

The fire rage ceaseless
one more time
as if the last was not enough
and it was just ten days ago

Then came the torrential of water
drawing what is along its path
insinuating discomfort
calling for release
which can be sudden
cheating preparation

And just when all seems to end
the wind in waves came popping up
inducing an orchestra of sounds
in passageways the water has passed
an acute discomfort
when release is not called
affecting a ballooning tension
of inflated dis-ease.

After much fury
of three solid days
of elements playing up
the mind heave a great relief
of heavy clouds
that just passed
and rain that imbued a gloom feeling
welcoming now the coldness of winter
blowing through the window
and the lightness of body
from the aftermath of imbalance.

– 13 Dec 2010, Yangon

It was indeed a great relief to feel better after the imbalance of elements played up in the body the previous three days. Started with a severe throat infection that came back after it left me 10 days ago, just the very day I left for Myanmar for my meditation retreat, followed up by a day of diarrhoea and later as if I had not enough of it, with wind catching up in my belly, making my tummy inflate with much tension. It was during the same period the unexpected rain and cloud came pounding when the weather was supposed to be welcoming the winter season.

Nature has its own way of working things out. Similarly with the body too, which is part of nature. And the mind, another nature, falls into slumber and stupor, as if a timely call inviting me to stop doing and to simply flow into what nature is teaching me to do – simply be with acceptance.

It was a great lesson in change of routine, of not trying to look good and to feel guilty when much sleep and rest is called for.

On hindsight the contrast of health made me realize how I have taken it for granted all this while. Paraphrasing my meditation teacher’s statement – do you know you are experiencing when you are in the midst of experiencing – as in my own words, when you are in good health, are you aware you are having good health? Only by recognizing good health will you feel blessed by it, each moment, valuing it and taking care of it and not after been stricken by ill health, as that will have make us regret moments that we have not cherished it with care. And all it takes is awareness, wisdom and having the right knowledge that the mind and body is part of Nature and hence they are to be respected as any other parts of nature instead of misusing it.

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