Observing Changes the World

It is views that make us look at things differently from each other, and it is views that create conflict among mankind. Closer to home, it is views that trap us in our own mental bondage and it is again views that lead us out of the bondage to freedom. Views are born from mind, so is freedom and bondage too. If all stems from mind, surely the way to work around it also has to come from the mind.

Hence, the need to be aware, or mindful. It is awareness that brings one to be in touch with the mind, to be in the know of what the mind is already doing. And to watch the mind is a pretty kind of tricky work as it is not something tangible that you can anchor yourself in. So you need to know first the mechanism of what the mind is. Just as to know a thief, you have first to recognize what it takes to be a thief. So what is mind’s ability? Think, feel, imagine, know, and many more functions falls under the category of mind. Each time when any of the functions is being done in your experience, can you recognize it is the mind working? Rarely. Instead, we think it was “me” or “I” doing. If you keep acknowledging that it is the mind which is doing its work all the time, you will come to recognize that the mind has a life of its own, as if nature is working in you.

Similarly when seeing is taking place, can you also acknowledge that the function of seeing is taking place? In due time, through silent observation you will come to realize that seeing takes place, without the need to look, or hearing is already taking place, without the “you” needing to listen. You will then realize that there is a strange set of nature taking place in you, the so-called mind and body processes. Both mind and body seem to have a life of its own, like any nature. They move and work on their own accord, and in their own unique ways, without needing you to interfere in it.

When you learn to observe every minute occurrence that is happening in your mind and body, first by acknowledge what it is doing, while it is doing it, you will come to feel as if you are now being put as a third party watching “yourself”. But yet in “yourself” you will find that there is no self there, except nature working out its own. By observing, your view about yourself changes. And this can only occur when you don’t take what is happening for granted, but to recognize what is already occurring while it is occurring. Being an observer to what is, you become a silent witness.

And that is what it means by J’s statement – be a passerby – without holding on or identifying to what is here, but instead observe, allowing each experience to come and go. And this view makes a huge impact on how you view your day to day living. You don’t take things as personal anymore as you no longer see the emotion as you, except nature of the mind. Neither do you attach unnecessarily to anything mental or physical, as you find that they are not there for you to hold on to, except as a passing nature. Your perspective and perception changes and you will definitely feel a lot freer than before.

Detachment comes naturally as a result of a certain view, not by making it work through sheer effort. Everything falls into its place naturally, as nature has its own way of working. When we force change by will – obviously by not understanding how nature works – nature is disrupted and that is when imbalance results. It is a price to pay when what is natural turns unnatural.

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