The Self Transgressed

What is Nature?

Nature is not
the trees
or the forest
or the rivers
or the wind
but the natural occurrences
existing in them.

Do you not see
the trees have their own way of existence
and also the forest
and the rivers
and the wind?

What about then the earth
the planets
the solar systems
and the universe?

Surely nature too is taking place
in each
placing order
in their existence.

If the entire system
has its own way of working
surely nature is playing out
in every animal
in insects
in plants
and also minerals.

And do you too not consider
that this “I”
which refers to a personality
is also part of nature
running its own sets of conditioning?

The heart beating
blood circulating
kidney functioning
every organ running in perfect harmony
and cells and tissues replacing
do “you” have a say in it?
or simply nature taking place?

Observe your mind
and surely you will come to realize.

Nature too is taking place in you
for you can’t choose to be happy
as and when you wish
or choose not to be angry
or not to be sleepy

Forget about control
forget about chasing those emotions
for it only enhances the self
making nature seems redundant
as you are only going against the force
which will surely catch up with you
the very moment you transgress.

listen to the flow deeply
in your very own views
and you will find how nature
is moulding you
from who you were
to who you are
and who you will be.

Look at the patterns of the forces
and you will learn
each result has its own set of causes
as that is how Nature works
and as you apply the causes
hence each result follows.

Only then will you live in freedom
conforming to the Nature of the world
without transgressing the world
with the Self transgressed.

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