Feelings Glued Experiences

Just found out something interesting with this thing call feelings. It brings out what seems separate into one, thus making a person identify with what he or she is experiencing. It has the nature of making thoughts real. It has the similar effect of making what is 2D into 3D experience. It gives flavour to the experience. It makes the experience exaggerated and hence magnifies its meaning as if the object becomes a part of the experiencer.

Whether it is pleasant or unpleasant feelings, the experience will feel glued to the object it is experiencing. If I love someone, the feeling I get is that the other person seems to have a deep connection with me and I will like that feeling to stay on, making me one with it. Of course nothing actually occurs on the other side – even if there is, that experience is his or hers, and has never crossed her border over to mine. It is all happening in my field and since that person has come into my sense of pleasure, I have taken for granted that this person is mine, irrelevant whether I take the initiative to approach or not to approach that person. It has already infused as an idea in my mind. Hence I will find it difficult forgetting the person and if it becomes a discomfort to bear, I will take the next step of bringing the person closer into my fold, by scheming my way to it. And if I am an introvert, I will have to bear with the suffering of not taking the initiative to approach. In both ways, there is already an incepted fusion of idea in the mind, that the person is “for me”.

On the same note, if I dislike a person, making my feeling unpleasant, I have no doubt, brought what seems to be two into one – like trying to separate two objects glued together. No matter how hard I try getting the person out from my mind, I will find it difficult, if not impossible, as that is the nature of unpleasant feelings. It is because I have already made him or her as an incepted idea in my mind that I will have difficulty removing it. Again nothing actually occurs out there, except what is really happening in the mind of the beholder. That is why it has been said there is no such a thing called enemy, except the meaning of enemy found within those who think about it.

In truth pleasant or unpleasant feelings are experiences based on our ideas about the world, rather than the world itself. We are attached to our ideas rather than the world, be it a person or a thing. I can’t love anyone, except loving the idea of the person for his character or whatever. And I can’t hate anyone except hating the idea, found in me, of that person. Hence I am playing my own game all the time. No wonder the experience seems to be glued, as it has never left me! Darned!

Hence can I really love anyone? Yes, only at the mind level where I take my brother and sister as one, seeing them as not separate from me. This non-separation is a realization compared to the imitation version of what feelings seems to do when it merges two into one. One is a realization and understanding, whereas the other, an illusion of form.

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  1. Da-daangg … It has the similar effect of making what is 2D into 3D experience. Right on spot, sifu.

    Feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget my feelings of love. One classic song, that got me humming along …

    What if the arising feeling is just a honest and natural expression of an imposter within? What many times have I asked: Who the #@&* am I?

    What if the arising feeling is one possible key to the next door/gate/step in this journey that’s inward-bound?

    There is a saying that feelings don’t lie and thoughts may. Who would I be without my feelings?

  2. Without feeling, there is no you. Without conscious, there is no you. Without perception, there is no you. In truth with them around, there too is no you, except an illusion…

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