A Lone Journey

If I were to say
the path is pretty simple
you would not have believed me.

If I were to say
the path is indeed difficult
you would not have understood me too.

For who knows what is your level
of understanding
except my sheer ignorance in
thinking that I know you better
than you know yourself.

Who am I to say what is good for you
save you know for yourself
even if you are not yet in the position
of knowing for yourself
there is no absolute certainty
that I can tell you what is appropriate for you.

Hence it is indeed a mission impossible
to come to a right teaching
for an appropriate mind
that can bring one directly to freedom

as a pin in the haystack
searching but not finding
indeed sorrowful the path of deliverance it can be

and yet nothing is loss
as where there is willingness
and deep conviction
the master will come
when the student is ready

thus be open to receiving
what is already in hand
as anything can be a learning tool
so long as you are ready to look at it
from a beginner’s mind
freed from judgments and reservations.

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