What Love Is

Not that I don’t love you
or I don’t want to love you
but I just can’t love you
but that again does not mean
I don’t love you
or I don’t want to love you.

all I can only say is that
it is impossible to love you
not to mention loving myself
for there is, in reality
no such a thing
except an idea
of the mind
that there
is a you and me.

What occurs in truth
is the mind, simply nature,
doing its function
consciousness, knows
feeling, feels
perception, perceives
mental formation, forms
without you or me
having a role in it.

Like glasses causing crisp vision
and not me having crisp vision
or ear aids causing clear hearing
and not me having clear hearing
similarly seeing already occurring
without me needing to see
or hearing already occurring
without me needing to hear
I am not at all there
for all to happen.

And thus
how can I say
“I” love you
when love already exists
without me
in the very first place
not to mention
love “you”
love alone.

Love is just a phenomenon
just a state
without you or me
except an experience
and not even that
for if there is experience
surely there is an experiencer
there it goes again the arising of “you” and “me”.

Probably the closest word
is contact
or relate
and the whole meaning of
“experience” appear
hence arising the feeling of love
instead, in actuality, love.

So what I can only say
except to let you know
that love is already here
as and when nothing abstruse it
from arising
without having you or me in it
and hence simply love
instead of I love you
or you love me
which sounds
rather funny
and strange
not to mention an error.

Surely then love
be unconditional
for it is not you or me
or anyone else for that matter
but love itself

What a beauty!
what a joy!

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