Hold Until One Wakes Up

We pretty well know by now that our senses are working itself irrelevant we give specific attention to them or not. In fact we also know that we cannot be aware of all senses at one time unless we are still enough to recognize them working together at the same time.

Hence when we introduce awareness into the moment, we are simply bringing awareness to what is already here working itself. The purpose of awareness is to bring recognition to what is naturally unfolding right here right now. In brief, the more one is aware without interferring the object of observation, one learns to recognize that nature is taking place in the senses. There is no “I” there so to speak. “I am doing” is just a notion of an illusionary self projected outward by the mind. But when one is not present to the mind, one identifies with this notion and hence took on the “I” identity.

It is amazing and strange how this mind works. By itself it is nature, unfolding itself out with the ability to feel, conscious, perceive etc without any effort of “someone” taking charge of it. But when an idea is introduced into the mind, the idea which in the beginning was just an idea, as the word implies, becomes real. The mind makes what is meaningless into meaning.

It is just like movies we see on screens nowadays. In the past, 3D movies are unheard off, not to mention its potential presence. Nowadays with the advancement of cinema graphics what was once unreal becomes so real that you cannot differentiate whether they are created on computers or really occurring during the shoot.

That is exactly what the mind does, making what is unreal or meaningless into real with meaning in it. But with wisdom when one takes a closer look at the mind, one will be surprised by the illusions it is able to create.

The more you see the mind’s illusionary nature, the more you start to see the opposite of what you call real at this moment. It is moving from what was once perceived real back to its reality of unrealness. In other words when we come closer to reality of Truth, we go against the flow of the world. The world is created out of unrealness and to realize the Truth is to see the reality of unrealness of the world.

For one who holds so firmly to the form will sure find this concept frightening. It is only frightening because our belief system is based on the unreal, real that we have not woken up from. Once slowly and surely the call for awakening is to knock on our door, our grip on this illusion will slowly fade and we start to free ourselves again from the bondage we held on to, which in reality was not there at all.

It is exactly like waking up from the dream to realize that nothing actually had happened. But meanwhile everything around you, be it your loved ones, your beloved, your lover, your enemy, your possession, your identity, in short anything that has “your” in it, is real for now. If I were to tell you now to just let go and hold one no more, you will be unable to do it as the unreal is so darn real, to you!

So there is nothing much I could do for you except to realize that the time has not come up for you, at least for now…

2 Replies to “Hold Until One Wakes Up”

  1. The Mind is a really tricky thing. One moment when I am in the Present and enjoying it, it swings me to the Past or Future and just utterly screws my day. Sigh….need to keep telling myself, everything around me is not REAL!

  2. To realize the world is unreal will do the job of undoing, otherwise it will be another camouflage of resistance or fixing.

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