Wake Up!

If I was to tell you to just let go
you wouldn’t understand
what I am trying to convey
for your holding on is so deep
that you have totally forgotten
you are still gripping
in pain.

And what I can only do is
to watch you gripping in pain
without you realizing.

What can I do?
How can I help?
When one is not awake
from his dream
except to wait
for the right moment
to gently coax him
to wake;
even then
when will be the moment
when will be the time?

I can leave each
to his own waking up
or to watch in vain
while they are asleep

What can I do?
How can I help?
Except to watch helplessly
except to give a little coaxing
except to give a little understanding
trusting that one day
one fine day
when conditions ripen
you will surely wake up
from the long overdue

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