Finally, the Leap

I know you not, mind
less the body
like a stranger
to the process
you are in.

Yet they are all familiar
as I have been with you before
but now I see
as nature
unfolding itself.

There was a moment
you tried thinking
what occurred just a moment ago
as if you knew I have left you
as if the master has finally left his home
yet I did
and was surprised myself too
for there was no leaving
or a welcoming
or celebration of sort
but simply
a relief
indeed it was
to have finally left the house
even for a brief instant

Like one
watches from away
the planet called earth
the Vision too
seems to
observe you,
the Mind,
in silent peace
no longer you
or identified with you
and yet knowing you
seeing you
as Nature,
– a strange Nature indeed.


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