Thy Will Be Done

Not that there is a “someone” out there doing anything for me but rather as a figurative meaning of requesting that all my needs be given up or let go. It is equivalent to the true meaning of surrendering – a total giving up of the illusionary clinging-on presenting itself as desire or aversion; in simple words, wanting and not wanting. Both are rooted in delusion – having the illusion that things can be held on or be resisted.

True meditation is for that purpose – a constant check or recognizing at the very subtlest level of clinging on, to anything; be it thoughts, ideas, feelings or even futuristic desire of any kind. Only when all of those clinging have been given up, can miracles occur. Miracles not in the sense of magic, which only occurs in form but not in the mind, but miracles that come from the source of surrendering, manifesting themselves as thoughts in the mind which in turn seen physically as miraculous experiences. In simplicity, it is a thought, deriving from the expression of love rather than the expression of fear, or lack. It is the type of miracle, manifested from the full trust that everything is being cared for, as opposed to a feeling of being separated and that oneself has to strive for in terms of need and want in order to survive or to exist. Miracle is one’s birth place. But before miracles can be experienced, purification has to take place – purification of the mind from the delusional egoic clinging on of wanting and not wanting.

It is not something mystical or religious in context but rather truly natural, as natural as breathing that takes on its own momentum – only when it does not occur, something has gone wrong. It is only not natural because one has long been deluded into the identification of self, making what is unreal real. Hence making what is natural unreal and unnatural real. Clinging on is unreal, yet real when one is deluded about it.

It is said that prayer is the medium to miracle. Only if that prayer instils within one a sense of deep conviction of surrendering – that thy will be done. It has the factor of faith in trusting that all will be given for. Many have prayed and yet few are answered. Not that few are chosen but rather the very few had chosen to listen that all must be surrendered – moving from doing state to being state. Any form of doing already indicates a sense of desire which directly jeopardises the meaning of purification.

Prayer or meditation has the same purpose. It is an act of communion, of giving up what has been held on, moving from ego centric to spirit benevolence. It can be experienced through the direct approach of surrendering the self by devotion of prayers, or through the experience of non-self by contemplative meditation, as an indirect approach to detachment.

What is fully given up will be, in return, received fully. What is seemingly received without fully giving up is held on by perceived lack, from fear of not having. In truth, there is no true receiving in this case, except having the meaning of temporary custodian. In this sense, the poor can be amazingly rich, and yet the rich can be extremely poor.

To illustrate the difference between the states of one who has fully given up, and the other who has partially given up,  is the manifestation of themselves as poor; the former, being spirit will be in constant joy, feeding on the richness of poverty, never having the meaning of poor, whereas the latter, the ego suffers in poverty, trying to escape from it. Similarly, if both states of manifestation were to be rich; one is in constant giving and receiving, neither seeing one loftier than the other whereas the other is in constant lack, feeding a bottomless pit of never ending insufficiency.

When all is given up, freedom is its result. What is held on will be held back by bondage, not by any one except upon himself. In that sense, “thy will be done” is done by oneself, for himself, except minusing the “self”. That is what the true meaning of God is, when the self is relinquished.

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