Time to Wake Up

You cannot be angry with another
except experiencing anger
having the thought in mind.

You cannot possess anything
except experiencing possessiveness
and the thought of the thing.

You cannot love anyone
except having a loving experience
and the thought about the person.

You cannot resist anything
except feeling yucky of the experience
and the thought about what you dislike.

Neither can you control anything
except experiencing superiority
over the thought of another.

Or to escape from anything
except the delusion of running away experience
of the very thought that never left you!

For you
are merely a stranger to the mind
experience what is the mind
its feelings and its thought
and you think
it is out there.

Wake up
or else get hurt
or deceived
by the illusion
of what is not at all here
except in the delusion
of what you think it is.

2 Replies to “Time to Wake Up”

  1. If there is one wish in the world that I could have now, my wish will be to be a musician. So that I can blend these inspiring poetic reflections with beautiful music. Let the sounds of the songs heal us all.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Probably with your idea something is already in the process of manifesting!

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