Oh! Ye Craving

Your familiar face
I saw you before
And I saw you approaching
and I knew you came waiting
as Waiting in disguise
waiting to strike again
one more time

what was beginning innocence
turns out savage
though in subtle tone
yet poisonous it could be
never was the person
but a force unbeknownst
upon the messenger

you are skilled
slipping in behind the beholder
without her knowing
making her a puppet
to your desire
of wanting to ravage again one more time
and yet it was so easy to identify
the sly you take on others
the innocence
into savagery
killing her one more time
of opportunity
that may have befitted her awakening

Yet you know
she cannot really die
except in her dream
you came in
using her for your means
to quench the bloody thirst
of the craving you are accustomed to

Her innocence
you care not
for your importance and need
is all your concern
doesn’t matter she is spiritual
doesn’t matter he is in the brink of suicide
doesn’t matter she is at the doorstep of insanity
or he, at an inch of enlightenment
you came in waiting
patiently like a butler
a butler in disguise,
of death certainty
robbing another opportunity to awake

There’s something precious which you knew
but never for you to own
for once that is tasted
your game is over
leaving you a pauper, except many more others to possess.

You are unseen
yet you are as close as death
or as close as breath
waiting at each moment to strike
when your enemy of Vigilance
went a disappearing act
for all your concern is just to quench
the twilight saga
of your bloody thirst
of craving
one more time.

Whom have you not cheated
of innocence turns savagery
whom have you not killed
of potentials not seen
whom have you not robbed
of sweet dreams so dear
and whom have you not lied
of truth that was so near
and yet so far

how can I reach her
without you knowing
except you aware of me approaching
playing the game of hide and seek
so that the left hand knows not what the right is doing
again many a times
there is only me and you
as my Beloved stayed in slumber
in her castle of dreams
awaiting me to reach her
from your mighty sword of illusion

do I care for her
of course I do
do I not care of her
of course I do too
for it was never about her
as her innocence is still intact
but about You
that I am mastering to know
for you too came to me
many a times, again
unknown to me
robbing me at the doorstep of Love
which was meant to be shared
to awakened the dreamer from her dream

By seeing her
I see you one more time
as clearly as a crystal sky
overshadowing her innocence
stopping me for a brief moment
from reaching out instantly to the Beloved
liken a checkpoint of a border
a fastidious barrier I have to constantly face
of trips that I have to make to and fro
to connect those of the Realm of Dreams
to wake them up once more

I am getting to know you, lovingly, once again
of days approaching fairly soon
that one day, one Loving Day
that moment will come
where You and I will meet for the last truce
at least within my space but not the Barrier
disengaging from you finally
to be free to cross the Border in freewill
without needing your permission
except the surrendering of another
for me to merge once again.

Until then,
I am getting to know you better
one more time.

Freedom, Here

Look at the street
Look at those passing by
Look at those alone
Look at the many souls

And look at those sitting by the roadside stalls
Bemused by the conversations
they are having.

In the midst of what they are up too

be they lost in transitions
in conversations

in thoughts
in making ends meet
in pursuing health
in making yet another relationship work


do you get what they are trying to get

and that which includes your trying of the same?

do you know what is motivating you

to do what you do?
be it in career,


isn’t it freedom that you seek?

isn’t that what motivates you to seek for approval
isn’t that what makes you pursue wealth
isn’t that what makes you to take care of your health
isn’t that what makes you look for a stable career
isn’t that what makes you choose your relationship
isn’t that what makes you wanna experience ecstatic orgasm

all for that glimpse of freedom that seems fleeting?

whatever you do
you are simply, unknowingly, seeking freedom

and isn’t that what brings
a person to seek spirituality
to relief himself

from the tyranny of what he perceives
as bondage?

hence it does not matter
whether one is spiritual over another
or whether one is seeking spirituality or not
but to bear in mind
all are spiritual
except many have yet to know
barking at the wrong tree

and those already know
and yet
may still miss the purpose altogether.


freedom is already here
whether you are free or not
except your awakening to it.

The Fabricator

Do you not see the mind
in constant suspicion
in apprehension
in assumption

in guessing game
in making conclusion
that has no relevancy to what is?
Do you not see
even if it is true
even if it is what you see, observe or think
it is merely an interpretation of what is?

what is here
yet what is all done
is merely a facade

of something deeper
of something not understood
manifesting itself

as seeking approval
of unworthiness
of being not good enough?

what is it
that is not known?
hence hidden from sight
for what is known
to be revealed
Here at this moment
is where you can find
not by outward appearance
or inward interpretation
but merely acknowledging
what is already occurring in this space
of attitude
of resistance or holding on
… behind it
are all views of what is not.