The Fabricator

Do you not see the mind
in constant suspicion
in apprehension
in assumption

in guessing game
in making conclusion
that has no relevancy to what is?
Do you not see
even if it is true
even if it is what you see, observe or think
it is merely an interpretation of what is?

what is here
yet what is all done
is merely a facade

of something deeper
of something not understood
manifesting itself

as seeking approval
of unworthiness
of being not good enough?

what is it
that is not known?
hence hidden from sight
for what is known
to be revealed
Here at this moment
is where you can find
not by outward appearance
or inward interpretation
but merely acknowledging
what is already occurring in this space
of attitude
of resistance or holding on
… behind it
are all views of what is not.

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