Freedom, Here

Look at the street
Look at those passing by
Look at those alone
Look at the many souls

And look at those sitting by the roadside stalls
Bemused by the conversations
they are having.

In the midst of what they are up too

be they lost in transitions
in conversations

in thoughts
in making ends meet
in pursuing health
in making yet another relationship work


do you get what they are trying to get

and that which includes your trying of the same?

do you know what is motivating you

to do what you do?
be it in career,


isn’t it freedom that you seek?

isn’t that what motivates you to seek for approval
isn’t that what makes you pursue wealth
isn’t that what makes you to take care of your health
isn’t that what makes you look for a stable career
isn’t that what makes you choose your relationship
isn’t that what makes you wanna experience ecstatic orgasm

all for that glimpse of freedom that seems fleeting?

whatever you do
you are simply, unknowingly, seeking freedom

and isn’t that what brings
a person to seek spirituality
to relief himself

from the tyranny of what he perceives
as bondage?

hence it does not matter
whether one is spiritual over another
or whether one is seeking spirituality or not
but to bear in mind
all are spiritual
except many have yet to know
barking at the wrong tree

and those already know
and yet
may still miss the purpose altogether.


freedom is already here
whether you are free or not
except your awakening to it.

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