You Have Nothing, Not Even “You”

This moment is all you have
even this is not true
as nothing was given to you
and nothing taken away from you

Nature simply comes
and here it goes again
in continuum
to say there is now
is entirely not true
to say there is no now
is also not true

there is no truth in both
as both are totally devoid of essence
devoid of time
devoid of space
where is real then
except its truth of transiency
as a meaning given to its process

in the now
your experience
my experience
are nothing more than that
leave as swiftly as it comes
to be repeated again
with each moment anew
yet nothing is new
except mind meeting its object
making idols out of it
creating the illusionary world

watch silently
in effortless effort
and you will find
“you” or “me” are false
being played up again and again
in the merry go round
of mind processes

who then is the one who knows?
who then is the one that watches?
it is not “some”one, dear
simply nature of
awakened to what is

no body, no mind, no universe, no-thing
even this is not entire true…
for it is not about “no”
so so strange…

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