Has Stop Arrived?

the Law has
no you
or me
or anyone else for that matter
except a dance of will
of which the opposite
merely moves
in tandem
with the other

if moving backward is what i am
forward moving will be the other
until i stop all movement
my moving forward
only makes
the other
move backward.

For attack
can only be returned with defence
and defence, in return
seemingly promotes another attack
hence the dance of to and fro
comes to be

can I stop
yet the other
not stopping?
can that
ever be possible?

For the other
merely a puppet
reflecting my will
which i would have missed

my stop is not a stop
except an underground movement
subtle it can be
yet shown by the other

a full stop i have to be
so the other will stop
and how would i know?
except shown by the other
the Law just
showing me my reflection.

when Stop comes to be
with the other stopping in tandem
ending the dance of to and fro
a new dance comes to be
a dance of non-dance
balanced in non-motion
of neither wanting nor not wanting
freed from both
a new relationship is born
a relationship
that is not a “relationship”.
but a meeting
a merging of sort

until that comes
work is in progress
observing the other
who never lies.

2 Replies to “Has Stop Arrived?”

  1. Tears welled as I read this post. Who is crying? Where did this come from? No comprehendo!!

  2. The dance is done
    Each moment
    whatever the experience is
    “you” not aware
    yet something within knows
    hence the meet
    the arising of tears
    the comfort it gives
    as surety deep.

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