Return to Stillness

the distant sounding of the cicadas
the intermittent chirping of the birds
the caressing of the morning wind
the whispering of stillness in the air
simply is.

the murmur of the laptop hard drive
the softness of the sofa
the touch of the fingers on the keyboard
the incessant thoughts
the flux of feelings
the unknown ongoing perception
the vigorous mind activity

ah! indeed stillness!

nothing to stop
nor intention to have
simply in the state of muse
of nature unfolding itself
dissolving, unobserved
the illusion of existence
as if never dies.

yet each moment
coming, going
and yet coming once again.
unknown countless times

no end seems to be
yet end is not meant to be
except in the now
where stillness already is
transcending time
transcending space
transcending all conditioned
that is not It.

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