I can have, but I don’t need, to have

What I am
is what I have
irrelevant whether I need it or not.

Need was never once in the equation
except a delusional meaning
of which when left unquestioned
becomes a burden for suffering to ensue.

As you can see
what you have is already here
irrelevant whether you need it or not
And what you don’t have
is also already here too
as your experience of not having.

How else can this be far from Truth
to be manipulated or fixed
except a senseless thought of need
a deception that cries misery
of untold sorrow and grief?

Your experience was never once
separated from you
for what you have is who you are
and what you don’t have is also who you are
how else can that be
each time as it unfolds
except an insane mind
wishing it otherwise?

Needing it otherwise
is merely a wishful thinking
a momentary madness
of wanting what is not in space
and not wanting what is in space
creating an imagination
that is only real to the beholder.

Do you not see
what is already here
is an experience of the mind
existing in the mind
of the mind
never once, beyond,
inseparable, undifferentiated?

You are defined
by your experience
and needing something
is defining an imagination
that is not met at this moment
a hunger of displeasure
that only makes you feel painful.

What then would you consider
to experience a having instead of a need
that it is merely a conjuring intent
of wishful thinking
having the thought as your experience
surrendering that if it ever happens
as a reality in the near future
it is exactly what you have
and if it does not happen
it is also exactly what you have too
for you can’t have more than
what you are
nor can you have less than
what you already are.

For they are all
defining perfectly
who you are!

Until you see your own limiting thoughts
of perceptions deeply rooted from the past
of ideas that makes what is unreal real
you will never see the prison
that you have set yourself upon
an unknown wall
barricading your freedom
that was not meant to be.

Recognize Need as your beginning of suffering
See Need as it arise
not as “I need”
but rather Need needing you to fulfil its need
distancing you from the reality of Truth
Look at Need into the eye
and say I am seeing you as you are
without needing Need to go away
for that only perpetuate Need to stay.

Just be awake
to Need’s presence
and you would have done nothing for it to leave.

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