Insidious Insider

the work of mind
consciousness perception feeling and mental formation
coupled with Delusion
creates multiple views
so subtle
yet potently insidious

like one tiny virus in a system
once crept in
will multiply
changing everything in its way
so as to hide itself
for reasons to exist
in oblivion
to the host

“I am”
is not you
but a mutated view
deeply entrenched
in self preservation
of what is past
taken as real
transformed to belief
becomes “I”

many a lifetimes would have passed
probably ten
or fifty
or hundred
or even
to wake up one day
and realize
what is real now
that refers as “I”
is devoid of self
except an empty shell
of devious old programs
dubious it can be
rerunning itself
fed by how your old ideas
relate to it again

it does not matter whether
the object is something
you like or don’t like
though both reaction may look harmless
yet as insidious
as it can be
the way you relate ignorantly
is where the program runs
and how you relate again
keeps the program going
hence to come back forth
once again
and again and again
and yet again in memorial times
to re-experience
the old pattern insidiously
until wisdom
awakens to it.

how long since have we repeated?
we can never know
how many times have we come back to meet?
was never the question
for what is more urgent is the question
are you awakened
to the program
running the “you”?

Only then the dream ends
and you are brought back to Zero
whatever it means to you.

2 Replies to “Insidious Insider”

  1. empty but not void
    void but not nothing
    nothing but not no-thing
    no-thing but not non-thing
    non-thing but Unconditioned

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