A Now Experience, Yet Ancient

not that “I am upset”
but rather conditions promotes arising
hence nature of upset ripens
not “I”, or “you” for that matter
as behind it all are mere causes and effect
taking on its own course
from results of past
not comprehended
not understood
and ignored
replaying one more time
on its own
without me doing upset
but upset doing me instead

hence if “I am upset”
do give me space and time
to remember again
that in truth upset is doing me
though ignorant to this
i am seemingly upset with you
and until I wake up from it
do patiently love me
for who I seemingly am
for I cannot be otherwise
until wisdom comes arising

and if any case you are upset with me being upset
do remember too that your upset
is not really yours but rather
upset upsetting you
probably conditioned
by what both of us
have done
of ancient guilt and pain
coming back with patterns
that look so familiar
repeatedly triggering
each other again

hence let me be reminded to be wise
in my space of upset
and offering love in
your space of upset
remembering it
as opportunity for forgiveness
of undoing whatever knots
that has not been resolved within
projected outward many times
of ancient lifetimes and rebirths
coming back again

that includes too whatever longing
that I have for you
for each attachment has guilt within
coming back to repay what I thought I need to resolve
of lies upon lies ignorance deceived me
until I fully wake up
that love beholds me to love you
without conditions attached
without repayment of any sort

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