Bounderless Boundary

I am defined by my own experience. You too are defined by your own experience. Not that there is a “me”  or a “you” in the experience, but rather “me” or “you” equates experience of each moment (experience = me). Experience of each moment defines my boundary – to mean it is only uniquely for me, not for you or for anyone else for that matter. And the meaning of boundary as mentioned here is not a kind of border or privacy that I am creating or protecting, but rather boundary as a field of experience that is constantly taking place. My spiritual job, or even your spiritual job, is to clearly recognize our own defined boundary, else whatever that is not ours becomes our own. That too is not exactly correct for how can it not be “ours” when we are already in contact with it?

In truth there is no “your boundary” or “my boundary” simply because when I say “it is your boundary” I am already experiencing that meaning in my field or space, hence it has always been mine. Thus so long as you are giving meaning to my experience, it is actually yours to behold and vice versa. No matter how much you would like to define me, you are actually experiencing it, except 100%  fullness all the time. Hence what you or I define in every moment is merely our own personal experience. It has never left me or left you. Do you get where I am coming from?

When I respect your boundary, I am meaning to say, “my respect of your boundary” is actually within my sphere, or field of experience, hence my own boundary. On the same note, when I am critical, judging or defining you, all are actually occurring in my own mental boundary, though in outward physical form it seemingly looks like I am making you wrong. But if you were to take on what I said, again that becomes your own boundary simply because that becomes your experience now. Do you now see experience is your boundary, irrelevant whether it is something that you sense outwardly or inwardly?

For that matter, you are your own experience, no more, or less, but perfect all the time. There is nothing wrong or right with whatever experience occurring in your space as it is what is already occurring here in the Now. It is only perceived wrong when one does not want to take integrity for what is being experienced – but think of it again – how can it be otherwise since experience is “me” and in your field, is “you”? I can only be sure I am lying to myself or playing an ignorant game when I do not admit that experience is what all I am at that point. How can it be otherwise?

Am I able to step back, so to speak, and acknowledge all the experiences in my formless boundary as what is being experienced all the time and to realize that not one of any experience stays even for a brief moment simply because nothing lasts – it only seems to last because I held it in ransom – either by resisting it or holding on to it ignorantly. Regardless of which it is in mind, everything still passeth by beyond my ability to control. Sit back, relax and you will experience unfolding of conditionings, effortlessly, coming and going… Only then, undoing is possible, the end of bondage is not too far – not there or somewhere in the future but here, except, all the time.

Only You (Me)…

no you no me
not you not me
except mind
colliding with objects
arising as experiences
defining “you”
defining “me”

whatever experiences
as of the mind
so long as in your field
is yours to claim
for how can it be otherwise
since “you” or “I” for that matter
is mind?

so stop fussing
stop refusing
stop rejecting
stop interfering
stop stopping
what is here as experience
is simply a passing experience
neither good nor bad
but nature coming and going
you want it or not want it
like it or not like it
for what has it got to do with experience
as it unfolds and unfolds
and yet unfolds again
and yet again
feeding it not
a natural death
it takes

until then
and me
responsible for it
not the experience
but our relation to it
for that is where
the merry-go-round

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