What a Wishful Thought!

try as I may
to make sure
the world will not affect me
but like it or not
the world is already affecting me
do you not see?

for the world and me is not two
not separated as the body seems to show
but only one dance of movement
to and fro in tandem
for without me the world does not exist

let me ask you this
can the mind not contact?
for if there is no contact,
what then is the use of mind?
it will not be called mind
for nature of mind to arise
is to contact

and where contact arise
hence feelings too come to be
whether pleasant, unpleasant
or at times neutral
is not all these already affecting me?

like it or not
the world already affecting me
only a hundred percent all the time

so wish as you may
that the world is not affecting you
what a wishful thought
a false pretence
that you live alone
for even in the far far away jungle
in the darkness of the cave
yet that cave is already affecting you
or else you would not have chosen it.

live with it instead of leaving it
understand it instead of resisting it
for the mind and the world
is inseparable
for it is merely one
not even that
as existing it may seems to be
yet the mind is merely a mirage
a momentary plague
of dreamless dream

i peep at the world
seeing my beloved
or worst, my enemy
yet in that moment all is done
a connection so deep
that i am not even aware of
and yet i thought
hmmm… i am not affected

what a lie, what a dance!

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