Haunted by the Now

You think you were mindless
as mindless it could get
And you think you were rarely present
whatever meaning present means to you
as the mind yo-yos and pendulums
from past and future
to and from
except the now

but wait a minute
are we haunting the past and the future
or the now is haunting us?
for what i think about the past
is now being experience
and what is in my imagination of the future
is also an experience of now
except of two different zone of time
called the NOW.

I am already always reliving the Now
like it or not
no matter how much I “disappear” from it
into my own la-la land of dreams
of absurd reality
of probably fears and elations
of unfathomable and nightmarish imagination
yet it has never left the Now
as all it is
is what I am experiencing

Is there a past, you ask me
I don’t know
what about the future
I dare not think
yet and yet
all these mindless
questions and answers
to each its own
is already occurring in the NOW
even if you call it mindless
to mean there is no mind to it
but yet they are all Mind experiences

Did I leave the Now?
Not once
Not in the near future
or in the past
but oops aren’t they all NOWs
gone into oblivion
rethought about it NOW?

NOW puts me into scene
forcing experience
what “I” is

NOW haunts me every moment
like it or not
until of a somehow
a strange magical moment
I awoke from it
to realize
it is all
together with its millions uncountable thoughts
including “me”, “I”, “you” and “we” meanings
pooof! disappears all along with it.

Awakened, Unblemished.

In the past unawake occupies Now, and Now awake is…

2 Replies to “Haunted by the Now”

  1. Thank you – this is beautiful – it describes the struggle that I can’t describe. Reading this brings me harmony.

  2. Along the path there are many spiritual experiences where the egoic-structured mind can never comprehend and it takes the right-minded (wisdom) part of you to understand it. That is why having right supportive spiritual companion is necessary.

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