The Undescribable Borderless Head Office

Hello, you there!
Yes, I am referring to you as the “reader” reading these words
already understanding what is here
all done in good times whether
you want it or not
like it or not.

Do you know “you” is been watched at
at all times
not that “someone” is spying on you
or “I” am here talking about you
but rather
all this field of experience
including the “you” reading and understanding
is been watched upon?

Who watch, you ask?
I don’t know, for there is “no one” watching at “you”
but simply a sense of watch
even that is untrue
probably Awaked will be the closer word
but again what are words?!
Neither can you even call it a name
for all names are all now been “watched” at.

You asked, is it God?
I would say no for even that is being watched at, now.
Is it Presence?
Maybe, and maybe not for
it surpasses all that.
Is it … errr…. Omnipresence?
a little closer but not it yet.

All I know for sure
you and me are redundant
when “watched” is being experience
not that “I” am now the watcher
but simply… watching

no “I”, what to mention “watcher”…

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  1. We cannnot not objectify our experiences. Once we put words or thoughts in it, we have LOST IT…

    When Subject and Object becomes one, then this happen. {____}

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