I Could Only Stretch Out My Hands Openly

you asked, perplexed
what’s wrong in having wrong views
what’s wrong in judging others
what’s wrong with a little upset
to pass a day
or a grumpy moody temperament
or not seeing the world correctly as it is

you questioned me,
is there anything wrong?
and since it does not concern you
except all for myself
to experience
trusting that all too will end
what does it matter
why do you care
who are you to question
and most of all
isn’t that “normal”
considering that everyone else is such?

you looked at me, puzzled
challenging, defending, protecting
what has always been in you
comfortable amidst unease
never questioning it
seeing no reason to
for you thought it was

you can only know
what you already know
and not know
what you do not know
and for that
you have yet to taste what it is like
beyond “normal”

for that I could only stretch my hands openly
inviting you to listen a little
to ponder a little
to question a little
of the little I know
of the little I understood
and realized

as I share
do contemplate
do reflect
do question
do ponder deeply
so as not to take on blindly of what I said
and do also let your defence be put aside
and see where I am coming from
for all I could only do
is to stretch out my hands openly
trusting one day
what I know now
will also be yours to realize.

It’s not about wrong
it’s not about right
neither is it about me poking
or intruding into your life
it is about you
seeking and yet not finding
what you truly have
and yet not seeing it
though right in front of your eyes

I could only stretch my hands openly
never intending to convert you
or force you to see what I can see
except to guide you consciously
for you to see it for yourself
what you have really missed
without blind belief
with direct experience
and self realized
so that you can be assured
you have finally
find the shore
of what you have all the while been seeking
but missed.

6 Replies to “I Could Only Stretch Out My Hands Openly”

  1. Mr. Tuck Loon, I am impressed with the Yeshua saying you posted above. May I know whether you have completed your cultivation on earth now?

  2. Work-in-progress, joyfully and lovingly, in the midst of whatever remaining shadows. And not forgetting with deep appreciation the inner support of the Awakens :)

  3. May your journey to your destination be lovely and joyful! Also, may I ask whether you have discovered “the corpse” mentioned by Yeshua above ?

  4. The meaning “corpse” differs for each individual depending on their perception. But it is close to that as it brings about a sense of meaninglessness yet it is not a futile experience but rather a kind of realizaton of joy.

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