Seeking But Never Finding

What you’re seeking for is stopping you from getting it. When you seek for happiness, it is the seeking that is stopping you from being happy. On the same note, when you seek to resist, it is your seeking that is stopping you from be free. All forms of seeking is missing the mark as it is not elsewhere that Peace or Freedom is found but here in the now. Peace can never be elsewhere since Peace is a result, not a cause. Hence to meet Peace elsewhere you must first develop the cause for Peace to arise now and that cause or causes has to be related to Peace – how could the effect be Peace when the cause is not related to Peace?

Hence when we look elsewhere other than what is here in the now, we are constantly pursuing something that is unreal, ungraspable, unachievable. Similarly, when we wish to create a future, we have to start creating in the now consciously for the future to take place – only if you wish to experience what the future will be like. Imagining the future without looking at what ideas that is running the present moment is only creating exactly what the present mind is. Thus when one seeks the future what one is doing is actually putting the present into the future. Thus when one is resisting, the future has to be resistance. If one is seeking happiness, the future will still be in seeking mode – for each cause has its own unique effect, resonating with each other and on one another.

When we hope for the future without caring about the now, we are just creating castles in the air without basis of any foundation to happen. Thus what we are creating is a future that comes with hope without a foundation. The effect is constantly mirroring the cause and for that the effect that takes place will be the cause for the next effect. The entire mind processes works on conditionality and for that its process is run by cause and effect. Not to know the cause is not to know how the effect takes place. When one misses the cause that has its unique effect, one tries to imitate the effect in vain, unrealized that the effect cannot be imitated except to develop another so-called cause.

Look around us – everything from animate to inanimate objects has all its own conditionality. Thus, to want something is not to get it as to want as a cause is to have want as its effect – hence perpetuating its want when the future is to finally arrive. It is not by wanting do we get what we want, but by working on the causes of the now is where we will meet our future exactly as what the causes developed.

Simple as it may seems yet unknowingly the nature of ignorance is to keep looking, seeking and hoping for something better to arrive someday, somewhere, someplace – not knowing all those are merely a dream of fallacy that has not worked and will never work. Even if it works and you get what you finally aspire for, it is because the cause(s) you put in is in tandem with its effect. How can it be otherwise? It can only be otherwise when we don’t realize the working of this nature of the mind and thus try randomly to achieve a consistent result, which sad to say has never happened at all, except 100% all the time.

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