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I received a WhatApps message from a friend who was struggling with the word “healing” as her mind perceived it as being connected to sickness and hence needing “healing”. She went further in requesting me if there was another similar word that I could offer to ease her mind. Obviously from what I read, the word “sickness” is something that she is having difficulty with and not “healing”. From my conclusion of the message,I saw a pattern which many of us, including myself have – wishing to change what is in our experience to something more pleasant so as to escape from the discomfort that is plaguing in our mind at that moment. In this case, it is just a word, yet it can have such great impact on us, not to mention experiences that are really happening in our own lives or among our closed ones. Sometimes even happenings that has no direct connection with us can influence our state of mind. 
Anyway, instead of seeking for a new word to replace the word ‘healing’ I invited her to find out the true meaning behind that word so that she need not face the stress or negativity of mind each time this word come into her experience. I pointed out that peace can only be achieved by facing what troubles us instead of moving away from it. The following was what I wrote [revised]:
There is no necessity to change the word except to redefine our perception about it so that when the mind gets it right, the miracle of undoing takes place on its own hence reinstating what is true from false. “Cure” is to fix what is unwanted whereas “heal” is to reinstate back what was in its wholeness. Thus “cure” is working on its effect whereas “heal” is to see its cause. Usually heal is directing towards the mind as all sicknesses are derivative of the mind when error is not seen and that is when sickness arises. Thus when one heals the mind, that is when correction takes place in the now of what was once an error. It is to “see” rightly instead of mistaking it. 
She replied with thanks for the discernment and also for correcting her error in perceiving that healing was synonymous to curing. And to bring her to realise directly, I also pointed out that now she is healed from the word “heal” which in the beginning was causing a kind of sickness to her mind which she experienced as “struggle”. Many of us seldom see the little stresses in our mind as the beginning of mental sicknesses unless and until it creates serious discomfort in the mind or even manifest themselves as physical sicknesses. We are numbed to the constant plaguing of discomfort only noticing it when we are at the limit of our threshold – many a times such stresses would have come to a full blown depression or arise as psychosomatic illnesses.
Now the lesson does not end there. I also brought to mind an important learning which many of us do not realise – and that is about realising how the mechanics of cause and effect conditions our mind. We always think the world is in conflict with us, which in reality is untrue as our perception about the world is the one causing our conflict. We think the cause is out there and hence our reaction or effect is because of it. Yet this is delusional because if that is so, we are a victim to everything we come into contact and that can indeed be a stressful living having to constantly chase after change, or choosing, or even seeking, to feed our needs instead of acknowledging what is it that we are not seeing that is causing us the chase. When we notice the dynamics of our mind in relation to the world we come into full comprehension that the cause has always been in the mind of each beholder and the effect, which is the world we see or experience. We are the creator of the world so to speak instead of victim of the world. 
To realise this is to put the law of cause and effect in its true perspective. Only in this way, can we slowly disentangle the many unresolved knots within our lives that are causing us the freedom that we have longed for. It is a sure journey forward to find the Truth of what we are.

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